One of my favorite things I did in college was working on Truman State University’s alternative newspaper The Monitor. I started as a writer and editor when it was brought back after a two-year hiatus in August 2013. Between August 2014 and December 2015, I was president and editor-in-chief.

The Monitor was a low-distribution publication with very loose editorial standards. We published nearly everything we received and distributed it on printer paper about once a month. While I was editor-in-chief, I also designed the magazine, and I’m relatively happy with how the magazine looked during that time.

The Monitor was exceedingly low stakes. It was a small publication in a small town, and I found that to be exceedingly freeing. A lot of the writing in the magazine is poignant and perhaps overlooked. When I was president, I started to assemble an archive, and I decided to do my best to finish things. The archive is a work in progress, but you can find a lot of the issues here. I hope you all enjoy! If you were involved with The Monitor and want to contribute or are able to provide copies of some of the issues that may be missing, please let me know at

I’m working on grabbing a lot of the currently missing issues from the Pickler Library archives.

Have fun!